Tyler Zars

Software Developer and Broadcast Engineer

As an experienced Python developer, I specialize in streamlining everyday tasks through automation. Using Python, I have successfully set up macOS systems in just a matter of minutes and created various programs to improve daily workflows. Whether it's scripting or working on larger code projects, I have the expertise and skills necessary to deliver efficient solutions that meet the needs of any project.

I am experienced in working on Linux and Unix-based operating systems, specializing in Bash scripting and system configuration. I have developed a powerful script library that enables the fast and efficient setup of devices both pre- and post-installation. Whether it's configuring a single device or managing large-scale deployments, I have the skills and expertise to deliver solutions that meet the unique needs of each project.

I have extensive experience producing and engineering live events, ranging from traditional sports and television broadcasts to cutting-edge eSports and video game competitions. With my expertise in event technology, I ensure that every show runs smoothly and exceeds expectations while utilzing new hardware and software to meet the needs of a project.

My Projects

Oyez API Wrapper

A Python wrapper for the Oyez API, allowing easy access to US Supreme Court audio, transcripts, and data.

InControl2 Configuration Downloader

A Python script for downloading configuration files from Peplink InControl2 devices.

Latency Test Docker for InfluxDB

A Docker container for running a latency test and reporting to InfluxDB and Grafana.

Typing Test

A typing test game implemented in x86 assembly language using the Irvine library.

CSE1002 C Programs

A collection of C programs written for a college course on data structures.

Space Heroes 2023 CTF Problems

I wrote a set of challenges for a Capture the Flag competition in web, pwn, re, forensics, and crypto.